Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travbuddy: Social Travel Site

Hello and Welcome, I found a really fun travel site today called Travbuddy. You probably already know about it, but I just found it. Actually, I was "checking out" a "guy" on MySpace today and he had a travel map of all the places in the world that he had visited. I popped over there and really liked the site. Check it out: TravBuddy.

I love to travel. I think I have jet fuel in my blood. My dad was a Captain for Braniff Airways (Remember them?). They were so glamorous and innovative. I was able to travel for just the tax. Yes, I did get bumped off the planes on occasion when there we too many "paying" customers. I would just spend some time exploring the airports and watching the people. I love watching people; They're such fascinating creatures.

I started traveling alone when I was only 10, my mom didn't seem to want to go to the family dairy farm in Pennsylvania all summer and my sister was five years old and boy crazy. She wasn't about to spend her summer with a bunch of cows and a dog. I loved the countryside.
My parents would put me on a Braniff plane in Dallas. I would have to change in Newark to Allegheny Airlines and my grandparents would pick me up in Harrisburg. I usually stayed the whole summer..

It was so great back then. Traveling for just the tax. Then after I was 18, I wasn't able to get free tickets anymore. Boo! BUT, as luck would have it, a friend introduced me to Coastal Vacations some years ago. It's a travel and vacation membership where I can travel for deep, deep discounts, pennies on the dollar or JUST THE TAX! Yeahhhh.

I love it! You'll have to take a look at it. There is also a business opportunity attached. I really like that part. What could be better.... Internet, home business, Travel Industry: That is a recipe for fun and success. Coastal has been around for about fifteen years. There are complimentary cruises, free vacations, and discounts for everything from dining, recreation, sports activities, theme parks, resort condos all over the world (no timeshare craziness) and much more.

If you love to travel, check out Coastal Vacations. I'm a Level III Director and my business partners and I have great training for you. You'll also receive free websites, free leads to get you started, free cutting edge marketing training and most importantly, we'll close the sales for you. We also have a call center and they will do all the follow up and close the sales for you. All you do is you can just place ads. AND, I have an ad center where we will place the ads for you. Well, enough of that. I get a bit excited talking about Coastal Vacations home business. Of course, you'd don't have to take part in the business; you can just take advantage of the great savings. I don't care how much money people have, Everyone likes a good deal.

I hope all are well at your house.
Be Blessed, Joan Kearns, Dallas, TX

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Money, Vacations, Freedom. $2000-$5000 Per Week From Home

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Coastal Vacations and Platinum One Desinations

I've been asked why so many Directors from Coastal Vacations are now joining Platinum One Destinations in droves. Well the answer is a good one.

Platinum One Destinations and Coastal Vacations are two different animals. Coastal is an association of entrepreneurs with a lifetime membership package that can be used over and over and over again. Coastal is Your Own business. You don't answer to a company. Also, you get paid first. In other words you take the money and then send the package price to the shipping center and have them ship the package to whomever you want.

I love the package and have saved a lot money in travel. Not only that, I love the CV business itself. It is not another MLM company where you have to purchase a lot of products every month (you know, the ones that stack up in the garage). Once you purchase your own package, you're in Coastal for life. You can work it for a few months or years, stop and then come back anytime or as often as you want. That's TRUE FREEDOM. Also, the product is Universal. Everyone loves vacations or saving lots of money on their vacations or travel. Who wouldn't want to vacation for just the tax or for pennies on the dollar?

I love the pay plan in Coastal as well. It is an Australian Two Up. To learn more about this great pay plan, you'll want to attend some of our info calls at 10pm Eastern time Monday through Thursday evenings. Contact me for numbers.

Platinum One Destinations is a brand new company with a three levels of vacation memberships where you purchase travel points in advance and they have 24/7 concierge service. If you want customer service to help you with your vacation planning or need to know about you destinations, they will happily help you. By the way, when you purchase the points say for $1500 you will actually receive $7500 worth of travel points to use any way you want. Their prices beat travelocity, Orbits, or any of the other discount site on the net where there is no customer service.

In P1D you answer to the company and get paid by them. I would rather get my commission up front. Since they are brand new, we'll see how things go. It's still not totally "together" yet. As with any new company there have been some bumps.

You'll learn more on the webinar style opportunity calls on the internet. Contact me for times.

Hope this clears up some of the confusion. Call me with your questions.

Hope all are well at your house,
Joan Kearns, Level 3 Director
972-254-2222 / 888-682-2566
Coastal Club Home Business
Platinum One Destinations

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Platinum One Destinations: Travel, Vacations and Money.

What are your fantasy vacations?

The Platinum One Destinations product is travel, a trillion dollar industry that’s growing year after year! Baby boomers are taking to the world in record numbers. Young professionals are seeking more adventure and meaning in their lives. Families are vacationing in new and exciting ways.

Travel is a growth industry, a fabulous product that people want. When you become a member of our exclusive Travel Club, you become entitled to the service that’s been missing if you've been booking your travel online. And since travelers go to the internet for low pricing, we also offer wholesale pricing, not just low pricing, but true wholesale pricing with first-class customer service. You will experience a level of service previously reserved only for first class travelers who were willing to pay the price, a price you'll never have to pay as a Platinum One Destination's member.

If you purchase from Expedia, Travelocity, etc, they purchase travel from worldwide consolidator and then mark up the prices. We at Platinum One Destinations don't do that. We make our money on the travel memberships. How would you like to puchase $1500 on travel point worth $7500 to use whenever you like. What about $15,000 of travel points to redeem for $60,000 of travel. Everyone loves to travel and I don't know of anyone who doesn't like a good deal.

But wait! Expedia and the others don't give you customer service. With P1D you'll have 24 hour premium concierge service.

Ask yourself.

If there was a single travel solution with the 24/7convenience of the internet, true wholesale pricing unavailable to the general public, access to virtually anywhere in the world and the 5 star service you desire and expect, would that be exciting? Would you or anyone you know love to save money on flights, condos, hotels, car, rentals, restaurants, golf and more? Would you exchange 6 thousand dollars for 24 thousand dollars worth of vacations and travel?

This is what Platinum One Destinations is all about. Extraordinary travel value, extraordinary service!

If you are ready for an experience that is second to none with the wholesale pricing all travelers dream of, you are ready for Platinum One Destinations.

Now for the good part. The P1D business opportunity is simply about sharing "extraordinary travel value," and helping others realize their vacation dreams at a fraction of the cost, while building wealth and freedom for you and your family at the same time. How fun is that!

Call or email me today for more information. 888-682-2566

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Six Ways to Advertise Your Coastal Vacations Business

Advertising your business online is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to get targeted traffic to your website. Just getting a web presence will not guarantee success. No one will know about it unless you drive traffic there. Here are some six of the proven ways to make this happen.

1. Viral Advertising: Join social networking systems like Direct Matches, Squidoo, Giblink or MySpace, Facebook, Stumble Upon, etc. Other members are encouraged to pass on your message as they would by word of mouth advertising. Most people will pay attention to a product if it is recommended by another person or friend rather than a typical impersonal ad.

2. Articles and Press Releases: This is the least expensive way to advertise. Many ezines and article sites look for new content and ideas. You can write about your Reverse Funnel System business or anything you know or love. Do research on the internet about your niche market and then write about it. At the bottom of the article you will want to insert a short biography about yourself and ad your web link there. Not only will people see the link and click to go there, but the search engines will start to recognize your site and list it higher in their pages.

3. Build Your Own List: It has been said that the money is in the list. This is so very true, but it does take time. You advertise and direct viewers to a page where they must enter their name, email, phone number, etc., to receive more information about your business. Once someone enters their information, you can email to them over and over again. You want to include a remove link for those who don't want to get your email anymore, BUT there will be others who will welcome your quality content. These are the ones who will eventually buy from you.

4. Brand Yourself: Add your content to blogs, social networking sites, article sites, ezines, etc. Even if you are not an expert, you can become one. Remember that you want to conduct yourself with integrity, honesty and generosity because everything you do will be viewed at some time; you want to keep a good reputation.

5. Pay Per Click: This type of advertising is used in search engines; they are the ads that show on the side of the page when you type in a particular keyword, product, company name or service. You only pay for this advertising when someone clicks on the link you have included. Choose your keywords carefully. You don't want keywords that are too general and you don't want to run the ad for too long a one time. Start with a small amount per click and test your results; you can increase as needed. Find the best times of day for your advertising and turn off your ad during those other down times.

6. Safelists: Safelists have been around for quite a few years now. You can join a list for free and send your ad to everyone who is a member. You will also receive email from everyone else in the list. The drawback is that most people will not read the ads because they are advertising their own business. Many times members will use a separate email account for receiving safelist email so they don't have to read them all. The best way to get your email ad seen is to buy a solo ad from the safelist owner who will mail it to his list of contact email addresses rather than to the subscribed addresses.

Test the response from advertising your Reverse Funnel System business and then increase the ad types that show the best results. As your marketing budget increases be sure to use a percentage to buy more of the most effective types. Each week or month use the same percentage, usually around 20%-25%. Your business will be growing month after month and year after year.

Joan Kearns is an entrepreneur and full-time internet marketer and trainer. Click Advertise Coastal to learn how to dominate any market, program or service online or off and increase your sales up to 300% in the next 60 days. You can reach her at 972-254-2222.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Perfect Wealth Formula is Helping My Coastal Vacations Business

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my Perfect Wealth Formula business is helping me with my Coastal Vacations home business. I've been in Coastal for many years now and relied on opportunity seeker leads. Now with PWF I'm able to put my advertising on autopilot with top notch ad strategies.

I have to say that I'm really enjoying PWF and CV. Money, travel, freedom. If you would like to make $1000 on a $1295 sale and sell a product that everyone loves, contact me. I'm a respected Level 3 Director and love helping others acheive success.

By for now, kind regards, Joan 1-972-254-2222 TX (If you're calling from outside the USA, you're also welcome to call me on Skype at joandallas.)

Friday, February 8, 2008

PWF - Perfect Wealth Formula is Gold

The mantra at Perfect Wealth Formula is, "Targeted Traffic directed to a Targeted site = Cash in the Bank". Jason's formulas are right on. If you've had any trouble getting visitors to your site, you'll want to get these amazing stategies as soon as possible.

When you join our top group, you'll receive lot's of extras in the way of training, software, perks, etc. You'll also want to join Jason's Perfect Wealth Formula training calls in the evenings. Make sure to visit the site for more info.