Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Perfect Wealth Formula

I just wanted to let everyone know about Perfect Wealth Formula. I've been working home based businesses for quite a few years now and I always wanted to be able to succesfully promote my programs on the internet without having to buy leads every month, pound the phone calling them and spend hours explaining the program or opportunity. I did that for years. I also found out that as the years went on, the quality of the business opportunity seeker leads went down. I needed quality, targeted prospects who were serious about earning a great income from home and were willing to spend some time, a little money and some effort to make it happen. With Perfect Wealth Formula, we are teaching tarrget marketing. Here's part of the formula, Targeted Traffic Directed towards a Targeted Site = Cash in the Bank...

Now, I 've finally found what I was looking for via my good friend, Ben from Montreal. He told me about Perfect Wealth Formula by Jason Pearson. The awesome marketing techniques that Jason Pearson teachs are amazing. Besides, Ben really respected Jason so I had to take a look. I attened a few of the live info calls and decided to join (also because of Ben's recommendation). I got right into the back office and training modules. There are short video tutorials explaining step-by-step how to advertise correctly to dominate any market or niche online (and many of the successful ways are FREE). The videos are just like looking over Jason's shoulder while he shows you the computer screens and teaches you personally. There are dozens of fabulous Ebooks, too. If that weren't enought, Jason has live training calls several times per week and he'll answer any of your questions. He doesn't hold any info back. I've learned to admire and respect this young Christian family man.

Why is Jason so important to the equation? Because he is a marketing Genius!

Now for the really great part! There is a home based business attached to this educational product. You can earn $400 or $1000 for everyone that says "Yes", when you promote PWF. Yes, That's what I'm doing here right now; I admit it. But, you have to understand that I don't promote anything that isn't in the Top 2 or 3 of the best home businesses on the planet. I have requirements; a business that I join and promote must be global, must have a google of hungry entrepreneurs looking for it, must be easy so that everyone can be successful, and must have High Commissions.

If you would like to excel at your home business or you would like an exceptional home based business, go to or you can call me at 972-254-2222. With our team you'll get lots of free perks, free leads, free software, training and support from top earners and much more.

Hope all are well at your house.... Blessings, Joan