Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travbuddy: Social Travel Site

Hello and Welcome, I found a really fun travel site today called Travbuddy. You probably already know about it, but I just found it. Actually, I was "checking out" a "guy" on MySpace today and he had a travel map of all the places in the world that he had visited. I popped over there and really liked the site. Check it out: TravBuddy.

I love to travel. I think I have jet fuel in my blood. My dad was a Captain for Braniff Airways (Remember them?). They were so glamorous and innovative. I was able to travel for just the tax. Yes, I did get bumped off the planes on occasion when there we too many "paying" customers. I would just spend some time exploring the airports and watching the people. I love watching people; They're such fascinating creatures.

I started traveling alone when I was only 10, my mom didn't seem to want to go to the family dairy farm in Pennsylvania all summer and my sister was five years old and boy crazy. She wasn't about to spend her summer with a bunch of cows and a dog. I loved the countryside.
My parents would put me on a Braniff plane in Dallas. I would have to change in Newark to Allegheny Airlines and my grandparents would pick me up in Harrisburg. I usually stayed the whole summer..

It was so great back then. Traveling for just the tax. Then after I was 18, I wasn't able to get free tickets anymore. Boo! BUT, as luck would have it, a friend introduced me to Coastal Vacations some years ago. It's a travel and vacation membership where I can travel for deep, deep discounts, pennies on the dollar or JUST THE TAX! Yeahhhh.

I love it! You'll have to take a look at it. There is also a business opportunity attached. I really like that part. What could be better.... Internet, home business, Travel Industry: That is a recipe for fun and success. Coastal has been around for about fifteen years. There are complimentary cruises, free vacations, and discounts for everything from dining, recreation, sports activities, theme parks, resort condos all over the world (no timeshare craziness) and much more.

If you love to travel, check out Coastal Vacations. I'm a Level III Director and my business partners and I have great training for you. You'll also receive free websites, free leads to get you started, free cutting edge marketing training and most importantly, we'll close the sales for you. We also have a call center and they will do all the follow up and close the sales for you. All you do is you can just place ads. AND, I have an ad center where we will place the ads for you. Well, enough of that. I get a bit excited talking about Coastal Vacations home business. Of course, you'd don't have to take part in the business; you can just take advantage of the great savings. I don't care how much money people have, Everyone likes a good deal.

I hope all are well at your house.
Be Blessed, Joan Kearns, Dallas, TX

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