Sunday, March 2, 2008

Coastal Vacations and Platinum One Desinations

I've been asked why so many Directors from Coastal Vacations are now joining Platinum One Destinations in droves. Well the answer is a good one.

Platinum One Destinations and Coastal Vacations are two different animals. Coastal is an association of entrepreneurs with a lifetime membership package that can be used over and over and over again. Coastal is Your Own business. You don't answer to a company. Also, you get paid first. In other words you take the money and then send the package price to the shipping center and have them ship the package to whomever you want.

I love the package and have saved a lot money in travel. Not only that, I love the CV business itself. It is not another MLM company where you have to purchase a lot of products every month (you know, the ones that stack up in the garage). Once you purchase your own package, you're in Coastal for life. You can work it for a few months or years, stop and then come back anytime or as often as you want. That's TRUE FREEDOM. Also, the product is Universal. Everyone loves vacations or saving lots of money on their vacations or travel. Who wouldn't want to vacation for just the tax or for pennies on the dollar?

I love the pay plan in Coastal as well. It is an Australian Two Up. To learn more about this great pay plan, you'll want to attend some of our info calls at 10pm Eastern time Monday through Thursday evenings. Contact me for numbers.

Platinum One Destinations is a brand new company with a three levels of vacation memberships where you purchase travel points in advance and they have 24/7 concierge service. If you want customer service to help you with your vacation planning or need to know about you destinations, they will happily help you. By the way, when you purchase the points say for $1500 you will actually receive $7500 worth of travel points to use any way you want. Their prices beat travelocity, Orbits, or any of the other discount site on the net where there is no customer service.

In P1D you answer to the company and get paid by them. I would rather get my commission up front. Since they are brand new, we'll see how things go. It's still not totally "together" yet. As with any new company there have been some bumps.

You'll learn more on the webinar style opportunity calls on the internet. Contact me for times.

Hope this clears up some of the confusion. Call me with your questions.

Hope all are well at your house,
Joan Kearns, Level 3 Director
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