Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Platinum One Destinations: Travel, Vacations and Money.

What are your fantasy vacations?

The Platinum One Destinations product is travel, a trillion dollar industry that’s growing year after year! Baby boomers are taking to the world in record numbers. Young professionals are seeking more adventure and meaning in their lives. Families are vacationing in new and exciting ways.

Travel is a growth industry, a fabulous product that people want. When you become a member of our exclusive Travel Club, you become entitled to the service that’s been missing if you've been booking your travel online. And since travelers go to the internet for low pricing, we also offer wholesale pricing, not just low pricing, but true wholesale pricing with first-class customer service. You will experience a level of service previously reserved only for first class travelers who were willing to pay the price, a price you'll never have to pay as a Platinum One Destination's member.

If you purchase from Expedia, Travelocity, etc, they purchase travel from worldwide consolidator and then mark up the prices. We at Platinum One Destinations don't do that. We make our money on the travel memberships. How would you like to puchase $1500 on travel point worth $7500 to use whenever you like. What about $15,000 of travel points to redeem for $60,000 of travel. Everyone loves to travel and I don't know of anyone who doesn't like a good deal.

But wait! Expedia and the others don't give you customer service. With P1D you'll have 24 hour premium concierge service.

Ask yourself.

If there was a single travel solution with the 24/7convenience of the internet, true wholesale pricing unavailable to the general public, access to virtually anywhere in the world and the 5 star service you desire and expect, would that be exciting? Would you or anyone you know love to save money on flights, condos, hotels, car, rentals, restaurants, golf and more? Would you exchange 6 thousand dollars for 24 thousand dollars worth of vacations and travel?

This is what Platinum One Destinations is all about. Extraordinary travel value, extraordinary service!

If you are ready for an experience that is second to none with the wholesale pricing all travelers dream of, you are ready for Platinum One Destinations.

Now for the good part. The P1D business opportunity is simply about sharing "extraordinary travel value," and helping others realize their vacation dreams at a fraction of the cost, while building wealth and freedom for you and your family at the same time. How fun is that!

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